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Distant, Yet Close
                                                       by: Jonathan Marsolais
I feel detached, so alone
So out of place in somewhere I should fit in
So pained, knowing no bounds
To the distance, being alone so long

Distant, yet close
So far away from me yet not so
So much distance altogether too close
So absent-minded & lost

Where am I, I know this place
So familiar, it fades away
I try to catch it, but it escapes me
In the distant, but so close to me

Distant, yet close
So far, yet not so
So much to cover but little time
So absent-minded & lost

So confused, so mistaken
Understood by others, yet not so
Oh, Lo & behold, misunderstanding
Why must we both become one
To fit in the giant wheel of society
My minds on an everyday basis. It is so confused, so lost, and yet not so.
mehrmeer Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
So very familiar... yet again.
You know, Jonathan... I sometimes feel there are some people close(r) to me and after a while everything falls apart. After a while I always have to realize the same thing: I cannot ever rely on anybody. After a while everybody leaves. So I stay alone as I did.
EngelSeele Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I do feel what you mean, but for me it feels as if I am living with the others in the moment, but yet feel so apart, like soemone else is living the moment
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November 23, 2010
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